John Hancock Vitality

Get Rewarded for Living Healthy

John Hancock is excited to be the host sponsor of the Cooking Light & Health Fit Foodie Race Weekend. This is a great opportunity to encourage healthy living through exercise and nutrition -- while making it fun and rewarding. Living healthy is about making small changes every day -- even the little things can make a big difference. Things like, taking more steps, adding fruit to your cereal, or having an extra glass of water. As a race participant, you've already made a healthy choice, and it doesn't have to stop there. Did you know that every one minute of exercise can add 7 minutes to your life? How many minutes will you add to your life by running this race?

Take a look at some other simple behaviors that can keep you on the road to living a longer, healthier life.

John Hancock Vitality Stay Active

Stay active by doing ‘everyday’ activities like taking the stairs, walking the dog, or getting off a stop early on your way home.

John Hancock Vitality Eat Healthy

Eat well with simple food substitutions like frozen yogurt instead of ice cream, ground turkey instead of ground beef, or brown rice instead of white rice.

John Hancock Vitality Reduce Stress

Reduce your stress level. When feeling overwhelmed, simple acts like de-cluttering your space, getting a massage, or engaging in a favorite relaxation technique (to relieve tension) can help lower stress levels.

John Hancock Vitality Health Checkups

Get annual health checkups. This can be an easy thing to put off or skip all together, but is so important to living a long and healthy life. The CDC reminds us that regular physicals and blood work can detect health problems before they start.

In addition to exercising and eating right, financial fitness plays a big role in your overall well-being. And at John Hancock, we want to help you secure your financial future while also rewarding you for the steps you are taking to improve your health.

John Hancock has partnered with Vitality, the global leader in integrating wellness benefits with life insurance products to introduce an innovative solution that rewards you for healthy living. The John Hancock Vitality solution helps protect those you love, while recognizing and rewarding you for simply leading a healthy life. In fact, the healthier you are, the more you can save on premiums and earn entertainment, shopping, and travel rewards and discounts from national retailers. We will even give you a free Fitbit® to help you track your progress!

Be sure to stop by the John Hancock Vitality Village during race weekend to learn more. You can also call us at 1-800-888-3734 or visit

Premium Savings will apply based on the Status attained by the life insured. Insurance policies and/or associated riders and features may not be available in all states. The John Hancock Vitality Program is available with select John Hancock policies. Please consult your financial representative as to product availability and how premium savings may affect the policy you purchase.
Rewards may vary based on the type of insurance policy purchased for the insured (Vitality Program Member), the ownership and inforce status of the insurance policy, and the state where the insurance policy was issued.
John Hancock Vitality Program rewards and discounts are only available to the person insured under the eligible life insurance policy.
Rewards and discounts are subject to change and are not guaranteed to remain the same for the life of the policy.
Vitality is the provider of the John Hancock Vitality Program in connection with life insurance policies issued by John Hancock.
Insurance products are issued by John Hancock Life Insurance Company (U.S.A.), Boston, MA 02117 (not licensed in New York) and John Hancock Life Insurance Company of New York, Valhalla, NY 10595. MLINY021916119