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Dear Fit Foodies,

Welcome to the Cooking Light & Health Fit Foodie Festival & 5K/10K! For those of us who love extraordinary foodie experiences and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, this celebration is just the answer. The concept of the Fit Foodie was born out of the idea that a healthy lifestyle and delicious culinary experiences don’t have to be separate. Calories burned, calories earned, right?? In 2018, Fit Foodie will continue its nationwide tour to spread the message about maintaining a healthy lifestyle balance. Catch us in Austin, TX, Denver, CO, Fairfax, VA, and San Diego, CA.

The Fit Foodie Festival & 5K/10K is a mouthwatering run that believes a calorie burned is a calorie earned. Uniquely blending food with fitness, more than 20,000 “Fit Foodies” from across the country have eaten their way across the finish line and celebrated health, wellness and foodie passions during the post-race food and fitness festival.

For the 2018 series, we are thrilled to announce the continued partnership with No Kid Hungry. The No Kid Hungry campaign connects kids in need with nutritious food and teaches their families how to cook healthy, affordable meals. The campaign also engages the public to make ending child hunger a national priority. Hungry children suffer. And 13 million kids in America aren't getting the food they need. Nearly one in six children in America lives in households that struggle to put food on the table.

The focus and message of the Fit Foodie is not a trend, it is a lifestyle. We hope that you will join us on this journey to health and happiness.

We hope to see you all at a Fit Foodie near you!

Interested in Exhibiting or Sponsoring a Fit Foodie Near You?

We are always looking for dynamic, like-minded, and inspiring brands to exhibit or sponsor one of our weekend events. If you are interested in becoming part of the Fit Foodie, contact Michelle Metter at
619-312-1212 or metter@fastforwardevents.com