Meet Carolyn Williams!

Carolyn Williams is a Registered Dietitian and nutrition and culinary expert who specializes in creating healthy, fresh recipes and simplifying the family meal planning process. She serves as a Contributing Editor for Cooking Light and and is nominated for a 2017 James Beard Award in food journalism. Carolyn is Lead Dietitian for The Cooking Light Diet, managing the online diet’s recipes and meal plans, and has written three cookbooks: Cooking Light’s YUM! Kids Cookbook, Cooking Light’s First Foods: A Cookbook for Your Baby and Toddler, and Health Magazine’s Food Lovers Weight Loss Cookbook. Carolyn lives in Tuscaloosa, Alabama where she also teaches culinary arts and nutrition classes at a local college. She credits her children, Madeline (age 10) and Griffin (age 7) for providing her with regular reality checks on the challenges we all face when it comes to providing healthy meals for a family on the go.